MALTOSYLASE-alpha is a fungal maltogenic amylase (EC Maltosylase-alpha is able to produce high levels of maltose by saccharifying starches of different origins. TEMPERATURE Optimum 50-60°C. pH EFFECT Optimum pH 5.0-5.5. PURPOSE To produce maltose syrups with more than 50% of maltose. To produce high gravity worts by mixing classic 12°P wort with high maltose syrup. The production of maltose syrup at the brewery can represent a gross gain of 20 % and a net gain of 10-15 % on the commercial maltose syrup price. To produce high attenuated beer in combination with Desatase (limit dextrinase). See Attenuation Modulation. APPLICATION In the brewhouse at mashing-in or in the beginning of fermentation (0.25 g/Hl/°P); this preparation is inactivated after 1-2 Pasteurisation unit. ACTIVITY 1400 MAU/g. AVAILABILITY MALTOSYLASE-alpha is avalaible in liquid form. Delivered in polypropylen drums of 30 Kg of enzyme. SAFETY MALTOSYLASE-alpha is produced according to FAO/ WHO JECFA and...


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