NEW! Automatic compact high-speed PE/PVC stretch film rewinder for mini-rolls / machine / hand rolls. Universal and multi-productive machine can make various mini-rolls in automatic high-speed mode as well as machine and hand rolls on different core IDs. PSF-011MS has a function to control the tension of film during rewinding process owing to the presence of two motors for unwinding and rewinding shafts. It becomes important for winding on thin core or in case of usage of various types and quality of films and cores. •In-built weighting system WS-2 •Winding of mini-rolls of 100, 125, 150 and 250 mm width •Film installation by Static Charging Bar •Film tension control from -6% to +10% (for winding on thin core and in case of rewinding of sticky film) •New core hopper with easy and fast adjustment to different core IDs.

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