The PSI 400 is a plasma power source for versatile use. It is especially suited for plasma transferred-arc welding and plasma joint welding. Beside of its high productivity the source is characterised by comfortable intuitive operation. Several user levels offer different possibilities on the welding parameters and the data management. The operation is possible either via a touch display on the power source or via a laptop. Another advantage of the PSI 400 is the maximum flexibility due to the offered operating modes plasma, pilot or TIG. Up to two types of flux or wires can freely be combined with one another. The flux types are calibrated and managed in a database. During interval welding the power source is able to establish the pilot arc when the main arc is stopped, thus enabling a quick re-establishment of the main arc. This prevents repeated HF ignition pulses and the lifetime of the consumables can be increased considerably.

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • plasma transferred-arc welding
  • welding power source
  • plasma joint welding

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