PSK-CUP system - Multipurpose formwork system for slab

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Universal deck form PSK-CUP combines the functions of deck form and scaffolding. The deck form PSK-CUP corresponds to the space frame which forms the rigid frame without joints which does not require additional stabilization by diagonal connections in most cases. It is assembled from the tubular members: vertical and horizontal, lower threaded lifting jacks and upper threaded uniforks, connection elements, it may be completed with fixation elements. Vertical elements are the basic bearing components of the framework on vertical plane. There are six basic dimension. They are joined with the help of connection elements according to the principle “tube-in-tube”. In every 500 mm the vertical elements have welded cup connections – “lower cup” produced from the high-quality steel, with the attached mobile cups – “upper cup” produced from ductile casting. They provide support for horizontal elements. The horizontal elements provide the framework rigidity.