PSK-DELTA formwork system

Universal formwork system for monolithic construction

1000.00$ HT


PSK-DELTA system is well suited for both simple and composite structures. This is realized through the structural features of a panel frame, lock and components. The panel design makes it possible to conduct concrete works without limiting the speed of concrete casting up to the height of 3 meters. • Wall formwork • Column formwork • Radial wall formwork • Foundation formwork The system uses a universal lock (EUstadard) providing the single connecting part and ensuring coherence, evenness and tightness of connection. An opening for a tension bar has a conical shape, which enables moving the tension bar at an angle of 4° whatsoever right and left and facilitates cleaning from concrete. The tension bar diameter may be up to 20 mm. The frame features openings for handling. On the frame, an 18 mm plywood is installed featuring enhanced water resistance and a density of the laminating layer. Delta formwork is produced using state-of-art robot-aided equipment.

Building materials
  • column formwork
  • wall formwork

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