PTFE Lantern Ring Characteristics



Economical storage independent from shaft diameter, follow the packing diameter by 1.2 m-pieces Replacement for machined lantern rings Universal use, excellent chemical and thermal resistance Easy to remove with packing extractor No corrosion and wear of shafts, no canting during use Technical parameters Temperature: t = -100 … +250 °C pH 0 - 14 Main application Pumps with mechanical seals with flush port Stuffing box packings with lantern rings Suitable for All Industries Approvals FDA conformity Form of delivery 1.2 m per roll, special length 2 m on request Special sizes on request Packing dimension The hight of the lantern ring depends on the size of packing (see chart). Article (Lanternring) Height x width [mm] Height x width [imp.] STAR-AQUA BLUE 8 mm 7.6 x 11.4 0.30 x 0.45 STAR-AQUA BLUE 3/8" 9.0 x 13.2 0.35 x 0.52 STAR-AQUA BLUE 10 mm 9.4 x 13.2 0.37 x 0.52 STAR-AQUA BLUE 7/16" 10.5 x 14.3 0.41 x 0.56 STAR-AQUA BLUE 12 mm 11.1 x...

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