Axon' expertise in PTFE insulated wires and cables has enabled the company to offer different PTFE based products : tubes, rods, profiles, films, glass cloth impregnated with PTFE, desiccant bags, Celloflon® tapes, etc... They all take advantage of the mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical characteristics of the PTFE (polytetrafluorethylen). Celloflon® is an expanded PTFE material patented by AXON'CABLE Advantages Good temperature resistance (-200°C to +260°C) Low dielectric constant Non adhesive properties Non flammability Chemical resistance, … Biocompatibility Construction Tubes can be used as cable insulation, cannulae, tubes for liquids or hot gases (e.g assemblies for ink jet printing). Various versions : from ultra thin tubes to tubes with specific diameters Various colours : natural, black, yellow, red, orange, bicolour, spiral, … Tubes for micro-catheters with walls as thin as 10 µm PTFE multilumen tubing Axon' offers a wide range of rods specially used as fillers. They are made with PTFE or celloflon® (porous PTFE).


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