PU timing belts open ended


Keiper open-ended PU timing belts are made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and high-strength steel cords or aramid cords and are available in open lengths. These timing belts are very suitable for synchronous conveying and positioning applications because they have very high flexibility and can be made with many different tooth shapes and materials; when combined with different tension cords, innumerable applications are possible. Keiper open-ended PU timing belts can be produced endless welded and by the meter in almost all lengths and widths. Based on this combination of high-quality materials and production methods, these belts exhibit outstanding mechanical, chemical and physical properties. Endless welded timing belts are available in any length. Welded PU timing belts primarily are used in conveying technology.

Conveyor belts
  • Pu Timing Belt
  • Keiper Belt
  • flexible Belt

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