SANHA produces capillary fittings of the series PURAFIT® - just like our press fittings PURAPRESS® - from the completely lead-free premium material silicon bronze CuSi. This copper alloy is optimally adapted for the use in drinking water systems as it fulfills the strict legal requirements of the Drinking Water Directive. By using lead-free PURAFIT® capillary fittings, installers can always be certain that they will not be subject to any legal claims in case the lead tolerances are exceeded. Also, lead-free fittings satisfy the market's desire for safe and healthy drinking water installations. PURAFIT® capillary fittings from CuSi are tested and certified by all relevant national and international certification bodies and can be used for a wide variety of applications in the sanitary and heating industry

Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal
  • capillary fittings
  • lead free fitting
  • lead-free silicon bronze

Product features

Material CuSi
Operating pressure Flammable / technical gases: 5 / 16 bar
Operating temperature 120 °C - 225 °C

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