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 ALPHALINE 6-chamber system with 90 mm built-in depth (frame width) ensures maximum thermal protection: with the standard window pane ( Us=1,0 or 1,1 Wm2K ) and sash with no insulating wedge, the heat penetration rate is U= 1,1 to 1,2 Wm2K. The version with insulating 3-pane glass unit ( Us=0,7 ) and insulating wedge gives heat penetration rate U= 0,8 Wm2K for the entire window, which qualifies the windows to be used in energy-saving (passive) as well as thermo-modernized houses. Glazing thickness options are: 24 to 50 mm with 2-pane or 3-pane systems. Modern insulating wedge integrated with one of the frame profile's chambers additionally increases the insulation against cold. EFECTLINE The offer is reasonably priced, even for very demanding customers. Efectline system windows are equipped with a 5-chamber profile, low-emission glass and a new technical solution to envelope locking fittings – special auto Pilot Elegance hinges that retract into the casement. This...

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