PVC Sliding Doors | HST-85

HST 85mm Lift & Sliding Patio PVC Door


HST-85 Lift & Sliding Patio PVC Door Our Lift & Sliding Patio Doors provide huge unobstructed glass areas combined with the state-of-the-art effortless sliding mechanism required to support such impressive doors. Our system provides secure, lightweight, and easy-to-move single sashes weighing up to 400 kg. Many opening schemes are available in these up-to-6-sashes doors. Our doors are among the most secure and safe on the market and often far surpass the European standards. They’re protected by our state-of-the-art multi-point locking system and an ingenious anti-lift design which keeps your home always secure. Available in white, one-or-both-side covered, with film in colours with optional wood structure or design.

Doors, sliding and folding - house
  • pvc doors
  • Lift & Sliding doors
  • Aluplast doors

Product features

Depth of frame (leaf) 197mm (85mm)
gaskets 2
glass unit double or triple
finishing (regarding thermal isolation) Basic, Standard, Premium

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