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PVC coated technical textiles

Awning cloth, awning, up to 3.2 m wide

1.50€ HT


Awning cloth distinguishes itself by its versatility. Products from it are used in all sectors: from the oil industry to awning architecture. IVCORE materials are used to make pavilions, awnings, summer cafes, stalls, awnings for cars and trailed equipment, sports equipment, canopies, and drilling shelters. The awning cloth has good strength characteristics. PVC material for pavilions and other buildings is waterproof, retains its properties at temperatures below -30 °C. It is suitable for heat and high frequency welding. IVCORE produces awning cloth weighing from 300 g/m2 to 1100 g/m2 in any color according to the RAL palette. The material can be finished with a protective glossy varnish on one or two sides, or it can be prepared for large format printing with water-based solvent inks. Awning cloth is produced as standard option as well as fire-resistant, frost-resistant and fungus-resistant ones. Material characteristics can be changed according to customer requirements.

Technical textiles
  • industrial fabrics
  • technical fabrics
  • Tent material

Product features

Mass 300 to 1100 g/m2
Base Material Polyether
Thread type Dtex <Dtex> (L/W) 1000/1000
Thread weaving per inch 18/18 to 30/30
Extension stiffness, Н/5 cm (L/W) 2300/1800 to 4200/3900
Resistance to tearing Н (L/W) 250/200 to 515/465
Coating type polyvinyl chloride
Adhesive strength Н/5 cm, minimum 65
Temperature requirements, С -30/+70
finishing Acrylic varnish, print preparation
Fireworthiness B1
Embossing Semi-luster, semi- subdued
Width, m 2,5 / 3 / 3,2
Color Any, according to RAL
Additives Fireproof, frost-resistant, biologically resistant

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