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PVC granulate - NOVOPLAST – plasticized PVC


NOVOPLAST – plasticized PVC The title NOVOPLAST ® indicates plasticized PVC granulates. It is a mixture of various additives combined suitably according to its further use. The most important additives to plasticized mixtures may in addition to PVC and plasticizers include thermal stabilisers, lubricants, separation agents, filling agents, pigments, flame retardants, light stabilisers, antioxidants, various modifiers, etc. The content of plasticizer in the mixture is determined by final hardness of the mixture. Hardness of resulting mixtures ranges from 45 degrees on the Shore A scale to the hardest Novoplast – 60 degrees on the Shore D scale. Novoplast granulates are processed subsequently using mainly extrusion, injection moulding, and mould pressing technologies. Final products manufactured from plasticized NOVOPLAST® granulates are various types of hoses, hoses with special resistance against gasoline, diesel, oil, frost, etc., technical mouldings, floor covers, outsoles,...