Paccheri 470 100% Italian


Their shape may seem like a crown or a throne on which the kingdom of taste, refinement and value rises majestically. The bronze drawing makes the surface of the pasta porous and rough, therefore perfect for capturing the sauce and guaranteeing a unique palate experience. Being such a large format, it is recommended for baked recipes, seasoned and filled with meat, vegetable and fish based sauces. DID YOU KNOW THAT At one time they were considered the pasta of the poor, since only a few were enough to fill the plate; however they were soon appreciated also by the nobles and the king of Naples. Their name derives from the ancient Greek (from "πας" (all) and "χειρ" (hand)) of the first founders of Parthenope and still used in the Italian language as "pacca", that is a slap given with an open hand, without hostile intentions .

  • Paccheri
  • Semolina Paccheri
  • Paccheri Italian

Product features

Cooking time 10 minutes
Weight 500g
Type Durum wheat semolina pasta
Drawing bronze

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