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Packaging for Export

MIL PRF 131 J & K - Mil Spec Packaging Material


The goal of export packaging is to ensure your valuable goods arrive at the end user, defect free and in factory condition. Mainly used a shipping method to get goods to clients overseas it is often referred to as transport packaging or freight packaging. Usually this method brings together different export packaging materials to form both different layers of protection and to the meet the strict requirements for this type of shipping. This can be broken down into three general sub types. Transport Packaging This is the external layer designed to offer protection from environmental hazards and rough handling that often occur in the supply chain. This protection comes in the form of wooden crates and boxes, metal drums, foil bags, shrink wrap, To provide a deterrent to bad handling clients may opt for additional protection with consumables like Shockwatch and Tiltwatch labels. These can be attached to the outer layer of the shipment.

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