By reviewing information about your business, we understand that there are room for collaboration-expanding your range of packing machines. We would be glad to offer you cooperation on packaging-bagging machines. We manufacture a wide range of packaging machines. More than 10.000 of our packers of various uses and capacities are in use worldwide. As a confirmation of our quality, we state that we have automatic packers that been in daily use (3 shifts more than 10 years). Production program: Automatic packers for : Powder Granular Pelleted Liquid (bottles) Gel Cream Honey Cristal-sugar Piece ( automotive industry, biscuit) Pebbles and gravel Semi-automatic packers for: Powder Granular Pelleted Cream Liquid Card-board equipment: Scoring Slotting Gluing Punching Printing Make in a single pass the correct form of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Food industry packaging machinery
  • bottling, labelling, packaging of drinks and liquid foods in plastic and glass containers, machines for PET preforms, plastic and metal caps and plastic containers.