Pre-Loaded Packing Ring in Metal Casing Characteristics WDR-rings are ready-to-fit sealing elements for shafts and axles The wide sealing surface offers extra protection against early wear on the shaft and as well on the seal WDR rings are located in the housing with interference fit. The sealing effect is facilitated through the pre-loaded encapsulated packing. Different packing styles can be utilized depending on application Housing Standard: St 1403 galvanized Special: e.g. VA (1.4301) - CrNi Standard Insert P1P Budget to +200 °C Main application Crank and drive shafts Guiding shafts Axles, spindles and similar equipment Sealing against fluid leakage and dust penetration Protection for bearings and drive units Suitable for All Industries to seal against fluid loss or protect against dust and dirt ingress. Variant Special variantes: A 22 up to +450 °C for high temperature application S 7/G up to +250 °C for applications in abrasive environment etc. The packing insert...

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