The concept of the new PCS "R" range is to solve common issues of 24/7 paint circulating systems. The PCS "R" pumps feature bellow technology and a state of the art lubricant circulating system. Description Extended lifetime Quick and simple maintenance Clean paint kitchen ► For configurations and part numbers, please refer to the Documents tab. PERFORMANCE 2 sizes of air motors to deliver the product at the right pressure for high quality finish while reducing air consumption The pump piston is continuously cleaned with pressurized lubricant extending the lifecycle of the pump and reducing maintenance The PCS 06-R440 is a powerful and robust pump has been dubbed “best in class” for endurance & quick & easy maintenance PRODUCTIVITY Quick & easy maintenance operation due to the detached design of the fluid section Anticipate maintenance operations - visual checking the leak detector or any lubricant color change Wall-mounted air motor design allows easy removal of only th

Product features

Pressure Ratio 6 : 1
Maximum Fluid Pressure 18 (260.9) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Weight 55 (121.3) kg (lbs)
Maximum Temperature 50 (122) °C (°F)
Cylinder 440 (14.9) cc (oz)
Sound Level 78 dBa
Fluid Output at 20 cycles/mn 8.8 (2.3) l/mn (gal/mn)
Free Flow Rate 26.4 (7) l/mn (gal/mn)
Air Inlet F 3/4
Fluid Outlet F 3/4
Fluid Inlet F 1
Number of cycles per liter of products 2.3
Sealing packing lower PEHD
Height 133.3 (52.5) cm (in)
Width 26.5 (10.4) cm (in)
Depth 32.6 (12.8) cm (in)
Wetted parts hard chrome SST, standard SST, carbide
Sealing packing upper GT or PU

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