The compact Airmix® paint pump is the ideal partner for your Airmix® spray guns providing exceptional finish quality & high transfer efficiency. Description Perfect Airmix® finish Built with minimal parts Lowest cost of ownership Performance Quiet and balanced air motor for a constant delivery Ergonomic design Constant delivery & pulse-free for superior finish Priming at very low air pressure (0.6 bar) for easy paint loading Designed to eliminate dead zone: facilitate pump priming and flushing Productivity Closed construction - zero injury risk Lubricant protected from external contamination Easy rotable outlet fitting to fit every configuration No assembly tie rod - bayonet type assembling Leak monitoring vent hole for an easy visual check Easy coupling & quick disassembly Large foot valve (Ø20, Ø14) to handle high viscosity materials up to 5,000 cPs Sustainability Differential air motor for a stall-free system Quick reversing valve to eliminate pump surge Free icing a

Product features

Pressure Ratio 15/1
Maximum Fluid Pressure 90 (1305) bar (psi)
Maximum Air Pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 3.55 (2.09) m³/h (cfm)
Weight 8 (17.6) kg (lbs)
Maximum Temperature 60 (140) °C (°F)
Cylinder 50 (1.68) cc (oz)
Weighted Sound Level 74.9 dBA
Recommended Air Pressure 2 - 5 (29 - 72.5) bar (psi)
Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn 1.5 (0.4) l/min (gal/mn)
Fluid Output at 20 cycles/mn 1.0 (0.26) l/mn (gal/mn)
Fluid Volume Per Cycle 50 cc
Free Flow Rate 3.0 (0.78) l/mn (gal/mn)
Fluid Output at 15 Cycles 0.75 (0.2) l/mn
Air Consumption at 30 Cycles/mn at 4 Bar 3.55 m³/h
Displacement Per Cycle 50 (3.05) cc (cubic inch)
Motor Type 420-4
Air Inlet F3/8
Fluid Outlet F 3/8
Fluid Inlet F 1/2
Number of cycles per liter of products 20
Sealing packing upper and lower GT polyethylene
Height 58.5 (23) cm (in)
Width 32 (12.6) cm (in)
Depth 17 (6.69) cm (in)
Wetted parts hard chrome SST, standard SST, carbide

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