Painted blind rivets - PolyGrip®

Coloured blind rivets, visually appealing with additionnal corrosion protection


GESIPA® blind rivets are also available in colour to match the application. To guarantee the best possible durability the hollow rivets are painted using a two-component epoxy resin paint in a stow enamelling process. In addition to the visual benefi ts, the painted blind rivet also has added protection against corrosion. Aluminium blind rivets are best suited for this procedure. In the long-term they achieve the desired visual effect when joining coloured parts. GESIPA® blind rivets are available in the standard RAL colours. On request, steel blind rivets are also available in RAL colours or even special colours. Another method for colouring blind rivets and for protecting them against corrosion is to anodize them. The Eloxal method is more complex but is the most durable process for coloured blind rivets.

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