Good to go Safety pallet truck inspection checklists is ideal for ensuring pallet trucks are maintained in a good working order Simply attach a tag to the pallet truck handle in a position for maximum visibility and then use the checklist to carry out a pre-use pallet truck inspection. Remove the top copy of the completed pallet truck checklist and place inside the tag (a duplicate NCR copy is retained in the book for management/maintenance records). The tag will clearly advise users if a fault has been found and indicate a “Do Not Use” message, or if all checks were satisfactory then users will be advised that the pallet truck is “Good to Go”. The frequency of inspection will be dependent on findings of a risk assessment with a bare minimum of an annual inspection being required. In areas of daily use, in harsh environments or high risk of collisions then the frequency may be increased to weekly or daily checks. This system is totally flexible to meet your needs.

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