Panel Assembly Miniature Horizontal (PAM)

Panel Miniature Insert


Use: Connector panels for thermocouple and resistance thermometer measurement circuits for installation in control rooms, operating panels, laboratory areas, switch panels, push-in housings, etc. Mechanical design: • Aluminium front plate, anodised, protected against corrosion. • Measurement circuit numbering, abrasion- and wipe-proof. • Attachments of stainless steel and nickel-plated brass. • The assembly type and design prevent the fitted built-in couplings from being pushed in or out. • The bevelled connection levels enable easy connection and disconnection of the conductors in the installed condition. • Individual built-in couplings can be replaced by loosening only a few screws. • Flat, flush front surface enables easy cleaning. • Standard panels with 1

Connectors, electronic
  • Panel Miniature

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