Our adhesive labels can be printed individually according to your specifications. We produce self-adhesive labels in various printing processes such as flexo printing, digital printing, screen printing, letterpress printing, offset printing. Adhesive labels may also be coated with special coatings such as e.g. Foil embossing or special arrangements such as the refinement of the surfaces to be manufactured. Here are some examples of the field of application of our self-adhesive labels and label types: Adhesive labels for product labeling Adhesive labels for packaging or content information (cosmetics, food, etc.) Printed labels with printed back (adhesive side) for additional information on the back of the label (for example for transparent packaging) Note labels e.g. for technical and chemical products Adhesive labels for labeling textiles (for example, for re-labeling, size stickers) Adhesive labels for advertising purposes Adhesive labels with additional functions: e.g. back...

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