News print Offset paper Office paper Printing paper Lightweight paper Coated paper Book paper Colored paper Papers for drawing Cardboard Electrical insulating cardboard IEC 60641-3-1 Cable and transformer paper Cartridge paper Offset papers and papers for graphic works Electroinsulating board for transformers and apparatus charged with oil. Offset paper grammage Writing paper Printing paper Kraft paper bag Kraft paper packaging in the assortment Bleached kraft paper in accordance with Corrugated Paper Unbleached packaging paper Kraft paper bag Printing paper Light coated paper Coated paper Book paper Colored paper Paper for drawing Graphic paper (drawing, scale-coordinate) Paper for engineering systems, plotters and ANRK (paper for engineering copy machines, paper for ANRK 2-5 mm perforated, PE / HD film for ANRK, 22 microns) Filter paper Laminated paper Cardboard: Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard top liner, liner 125, liner 11

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