Paper bag with flexographic printing,

with a twisted paper handle


Paper bags "ecosac" with flexographic printing are made of white or eco (brown) kraft papers with twisted paper handles. Mini, small and medium bags are usually made of 90 gsm kraft paper. Bigger bags are made of 100 gsm kraft papers. We can also offer many other sizes within the range of 18x8x21 to 54x14x44 at the client’s request. However, the minimum order quantity must be at least 3000 pcs. Paper bags with flexographic printing are produced according to the graphic design delivered by a customer. For the minimum order quantity, we can offer 1 or 2 colours but for 5000 pcs we can offer 3 or 4 colours. It is possible to produce bags with grammage other than 90 gsm (for example 100 or 120 gsm) at the client’s request. Most of the paper we use is FSC certified. We can also produce paper bags with cotton handles instead of twisted paper handles or even without handles.

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Product features

Mini bag 18/8/21 cm
Small bag 25/11/32 cm 25/15/33 cm
Medium Bag 32/12/40 cm 32/17/39 cm 34/20/35 cm
Big bag 45/16/48 cm 54/14/44 cm

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