The thinnest paper yarns in the world ! Paper cable yarns are used to obtain a regular air space between the copper conductor and the paper insulation. The yarns must have an exact diameter and may not become flat being wrapped on the conductor. Furthermore, the paper cable yarns can be used to exact standard measures as center elements or filling string. The raw material basis of our products are special celluloses of those the necessary special paper is made. For the thinnest yarns GarnTec is world class specialist and possessing the required know-how. In some sectors we are even sole supplier. Range of application: - telephone cable manufacturing - carpets and carpet bases manufacturing - candle wicks manufacturing (as substitute for lead or as reinforcement of the cotton fabrics) - insulation material manufacturing (as reinforcement) - Textile fabrics in combination with other yarns (e.g. for car seat and furniture covering)

Cables and wires, electric and telephone
  • Papiergarn
  • Papierkabelgarn
  • Dochtgarn

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