"Paper Factory "Spartak" OJSC suggests you consider the issue of possible supply of paper base for sanitary and hygienic purposes, which is used for making soft tissue paper, napkins and paper towels. Paper base can be made of waste paper and cellulose. Мaximum width is 2800 mm on PM, The most appropriate formats are 440mm - 460mm, 660mm - 700mm, 880mm - 930mm; 1330mm - 1400mm, 2650mm - 2800mm; Weight of paper from 16 to 38 gr / m2; The number of layers - from 1 to 3.

Tissues, paper
  • paper base
  • jumbo rolls
  • mother reels

Product features

The degree of creping paper from 5 to 25%
Wet from 5 to 20%
Roll diameter up to 1320mm
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