Canopy Type square square square Canopy-Ø 4,0 m 4,5 m 5,0 m Height A (sunshade closed, from bottom to beginning of canopy) 1,15 m 0,93 m 0,64 m Height B (sunshade closed, total height bottom to top) 4,05 m 4,20 m 4,25 m Height C (sunshade open, from bottom to beginning of canopy) 2,30 m 2,30 m 2,30 m Height D (sunshade open, total height bottom to top) 3,10 m 3,30 m 3,30 m Weight 37,0 kg 43,0 kg 45,0 kg Rectangular sunshades on request. The measurements in the table are approximations and are not binding to the centimetre. Accessories You can also add a rain gutter, LED lighting kit and a cover for the winter to your ParaQueen sunshade. For more information, go to Accessories. Colours We ship your sunshade ex warehouse in ten different colours. You can also present your sunshade in a totally different light, because the large and weatherproof canopy area is an ideal advertising medium equally suited for a brewery logo, the name of a café or restaurant or for an individual design crea

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