Parinox ®, the traditional EPDM hose, made by Parigi, is used for the connection between water supply net and any kind of taps. Patented in the 70ies, thanks to its high quality level, it has been sold in million pieces in Italy and all over the world. Being manufactured in compliance with international rules in this field, this hose has obtained numerous product approvals in Italy and abroad. The smallest Parinox ® hoses DN6 and DN8 are mostly suitable for the connection between water supply net and mixer taps, especially those with a reduced body tap, in accordance with the last tendency of the designers, and W.C. tanks and coffee machines. The 10 years guarantee, calculated from the production year marked on the sleeves, is a distinguishing mark of Parinox ® hose in comparison with all similar products made by the competitors.

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