Passiflora & St John's Wort


Product Name: Capsule Supplement Food containing Passiflora & St John's Wort Product Brand: Mindivan Product Size: 1 capsule 500 mg, 1 bottle= 60 capsules 30 g Summary Information: NATURE's HERBAL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS Passiflora Edulis is a plant that dates back a long time and is thought to be used in many areas in history from archaeological evidence. This special plant, which is extremely popular today and preferred among herbal products, is actually one of the most complex plants in the world. This plant, which is included in the daily food supplements and consumed by people who have complaints about sleep, is now available in Passiflora & St. John's Wort is brought together with a capsule supplement food product. This supplementary food product, which contains plant extracts with special nutritional values, has become the favourite and daily routine of many people. The Unique Taste of Passionflower and St.

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