Passive Damping Devices


Experiencing excessive vibrations in sensitive mechanical structures or rotating machinery? Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) and Tuned Mass Absorbers (TMA) provide a simple and effective solution to reduce them. TMA and TMD are mechanical resonant devices used to suppress or absorb vibrations. When installed properly on a machine or structure, they draw away vibrational energy from the structure or machine and dissipate it internally, hence reducing their motion. They do not require a redesign of the target structure/machine and do not interfere with the main structure/machine function. This makes them an ideal solution for existing machine retrofitting/troubleshooting.Whenever alignment and balancing of the rotating equipment has been performed but the vibration level is still too high Excessive structural vibration excitation during ramp-up or slow-down (stirring machine, flywheel, etc.) MECHANICAL STRUCTURES

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