Output up to 200 Kgs per hour depending on shape and type of dough Ideal solution for small industries Version available with vacuum basin Pasta extruder for the production of alimentary pasta designed and manufactured to respond to the requirements of continuous cycle productions for pasta labs and small industries. Manufactured adopting the most modern technologies, built entirely in stainless steel it is to the EEC hygiene and safety standards. Structural features: the Mixing basins, with capacity 50 Kgs. dough, are equipped with automatic overturn pneumatic system with dismountable shafts to enable easy cleaning operations Independent fan for drying of the extruded product Electric panel on board of the machine featuring control board in stainless steel and all control devices Electronic speed variator (inverter) enabling variable production capacity for coupling with forming machines. VACUUM VERSION Special version equipped with device for vacuum extrusion fitted to the extrus

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