High-performing pasta machine, available in different versions: vacuum version by vertical head, stainless steel version Output over 200 Kgs per hour Continuous cycle extruder for the production of short and long pasta of any shapes depending on the pasta die that has been fitted. Thanks to the speed variator it is equipped with and to fitting of a sheet-pasta die it enables variable output when coupled directly with machines for the production of ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti and nesting machines. Easy to operate and highly versatile this machine can be included in any types of production projects. Model equipped with the following: Electronic speed variator Ladder with access footpath Mixer with “transfer” system for direct feeding of production basin Automatic pasta cutter with electronic control of cutting speed Upon demand Automatic water and eggs feeding Automatic flour feeding Closed-loop cooling plant for extrusion cylinder Impulse-cutting device for long pasta and speci

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