Pasta machine of modern conception suitable for continuous, automatic production of any shapes of extruded pasta Centrifuge Pre-Mixer is included in the standard equipment so as to ensure high quality and excellent performances Reliability and engineering quality are the features that have belonged to the MAC 200 model for years, which are now the peculiar features of the MAC 220 models. All models are equipped with centrifuge pre-mixer enabling perfect hydration of the powder ingredients and homogenization/amalgamation of the raw materials making up the dough. Production cycle is fully automatic and continuous. The following models are available: model equipped with horizontal extrusion head (VRO model), easy to operate; model equipped with vertical extrusion head (VRC model), completely in stainless steel, equipped with piston for automatic ejection of the pasta die, impulse-cutting device for special shapes, manometer for control of the extrusion pressure. As an OPTION all models

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