Production unit featuring output up to 400 Kgs per hour Two versions are available: one for long pasta with linear head, another for short pasta with vertical, round head Model available with vacuum-fitted basin "Multipla" version equipped with double head for short and long pasta production This pasta machine was born from the yearlong experience of model MAC 300. Particularly suitable for continuous productions, it combines high technological level solutions. The pre-mixing system by centrifuge pre-mixer enables to amalgamate and homogeneously mix all ingredients making up the dough and also to attain even distribution of liquids to hydrate flour during the subsequent mixing phase. The machine is equipped with two independent mixers ensuring ideal hydration time thanks to correct orientation of the conical-fitted blades they are equipped with. The result is this more than 400 kgs per hour continuous production unit, enabling to obtain superior quality pasta (short, long or sheet pa

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