Engineered to be part of semi-automatic and automatic production lines for dry and fresh pasta The most complete and reliable pasta extruder of its range Model available with vacuum-fitted basin to remove air air parcels The most complete and reliable extruder of its range. The consolidated experiences with models MAC 300 and MAC 500 were renovated together with the patented centrifugal pre-mixing technology. The result is this more than 600 kgs per hour producing unit, which is continuous and producing superior quality pasta (short, long or sheet pasta). The MAC 600 VRC version is suitable for production of short pasta with round vertical head. The MAC 600 VRL version is suitable for production of long pasta with linear head to be combined with automatic spreading machines, nesting machines, lasagne machines, etc. Made in stainless steel these extruders are to the international standards. Model equipped with the following: Centrifuge pre-mixer model T1000 Electronic speed variator.

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