Pastillation / scaling
Molten products in granulate form  - A. EBBECKE VERFAHRENSTECHNIK AG


Pastillation Molten products in granulate form As part of our contract pastillation we convert molten products into granulate. With our modern plants we produce granulate as pastilles, flakes or coarse discs according to the customers wishes. By continually transferring the molten output products across cooling belts in granulate form using cooling conveyors we realize an efficient conversion process. Depending on the product, industry and requirement, we work with various feeding systems, such as the efficient Rotoform procedure. This way additional plants for grinding or crushing are not necessary. This reduces energy consumption, protects the environment and reduces your costs. The granulates produced this way are dimensionally stable, have a homogeneous particle size range and are virtually dust-free. The products granulated at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik are also free-flowing and can be easily transported stored or further processed. Uncomplicated: Incoming goods and outgoing goods The delivery of the molten products can be done both with tankers and in IBCs. For a proper temporary storage at Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG two heated stainless steel tanks each with a capacity of 30 m³ are available. After pastillation the final product is discharged via a suction pneumatic into the desired container. These can be Big Bags, octabins, drums, sacks, cardboard boxes or small containers for the end user. Prospect for download

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