Pasty Humic Fertilizer Edagum® Sм


preplant treatment of seeds, bulbs, tubers, grafts and for foliar feeding of all agricultural crops during their vegetation suitable for all soil and climate conditions. Influence on plant is many sided Increases the yield on 10 50% depending on plant species; Stimulates plant growth and development; Removes stress from pesticides and agrochemicals Strengthens immunity to diseases Improves the ability to adapt to environmental conditions Contains a unique complex of ingredients Humic substances (mark C) more than 80% from organic matter; the sum of humic and fulvic acids is 40 50 g/L (fulvic acid fraction includes amino acids, carbohydrates, water soluble carboxylic acids), macro and microelements in bioavailable organic speciation

Fertilizers and soil conditioners
  • Edagum Fertilizer
  • Vegetation Edagum
  • Edagum Product

Product features

Substance hazard category 4 (low-hazardous substance)
Storage period 2 years
Technical specifications 3292-001-52420467-2005
State registration number 0304-06-210-091-0-0-0-1
Packaged in 10 liters containers; 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 liters packages are also possible

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