Acrylic heat lamination technology


HECKER • FINANCIAL TOMBSTONES out of PLEXIGLAS ® Crown your successful deals with an "imperishable" presentation! Go directly to the special "Financial Tombstones" Customized / custom made parts "embedded" in PLEXIGLAS ® / acrylic provide outstanding advantages: High-quality products will be presented brilliantly, valuable pieces will become eye catcher and are even protected for UV radiation and parts can be produced which are hardly be manufactured by conventional methods. The process: Warmed-up PLEXIGLAS ® / acrylic sheets are laminated together without adhesive with the exhibit in-between, under pressure it finally homogenously gets fused to one single brilliant transparent plexiglass piece. The exhibit floats in the centre of the crystal-clear corpus. Custom award made of PLEXIGLAS ® for the competition of exteriors of buildings © 2015 Individual sign for a door with slot for exchangeable name tags (Office of Borussia Dortmund) © 2015 Fanny El Tom e-m-s award 2001 / Fanny El Tom © 2015 Embedded will be screen prints, engravings, valuable paper documents like certificates or historical treasures. Successful application are found in the following fields: Displays for high-value product shows and advertisement Custom awards, brand awards and acrylic cups for selling competitions and introductions to the stock market ( acrylics " financial tombstones" ) Labels, logos, plaques and other information plates, which have to be protected against weathering and UV radiation. Award made of PLEXIGLAS ® for the International Chess Meeting in Dortmund © 2015 First edition: Euro coins embedded for the Westhyp bank © 2015 Expanded metal laminated between PLEXIGLAS ® sheets and afterwards worked into shape © 2015 Technical Part made of PLEXIGLAS ® with embedded horizontal and vertical ducts and cavities © 2015 Even sheets of PLEXIGLAS ® / acrylic may be laminated together, which previously had been machined as desired, e. g. holes and ducts. Therefore this method finds application in control-, analysis- and medicine technique for parts which could hardly be manufactured so far. This method is also shown up in the luminaire industry where "inlay pieces" as reflectors or design elements have been embedded. Are you interested in this HECKER production technology? Or would you like to have a look at some applications or solutions of successful HECKER customers?

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