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Polyester Aluminum Composite Panel Polyester aluminum composite panel features - Light weight and excellent printable surface - Outstanding color and gloss retention - Excellent outdoor weatherability - High strength and easily fabricated - Excellent surface flatness and smoothness - Various colors and easy to maintain Where can I use polyester aluminum composite panels? - Internal decoration, Building interior wall decoration - Decoration reformation story for old buildings - Shop door decoration, interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen, balcony. - Advertisement board, display platforms and signboards. Technical Data of Polyester aluminum composite panel

Aluminium sheets and bands
  • Aluminum Compositive Panel
  • aluminum panel
  • Polyester Aluminum Composite Panel

Product features

Standard size 1220x2440x3mm (interior);1220x2440x4mm(exterior)
Paint thickness 16-20 micron
Paint type Polyester paint
Coating flexibility (T-bend) 2T
Pencil hardness 2H
Peeling strength 5N/mm
Warranty 5 years

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