Our KAHL pelleting presses facilitate storage and transport of your bulk products and product mixtures. Particularly fine-particle or dusty products are often a challenge when it comes to storage. Both the porosity and the volume require special measures – also during transport. Our KAHL pelleting presses help you to save operating, transport and above all storage costs. Products with different structures, bulk densities, binding strength and particle sizes are no problem for the flat die pelleting press. It is also irrelevant whether the products are powdery, fibrous, lumpy or pasty. The following products are mainly pelleted: Compound feed, raw materials and mineral mixes as well as by-products in flour and oil mills or malthouses. Also straw, wood, biomass and dried sludge (see sewage sludge). The products are pressed through our flat die by pan grinder rollers, formed into endless strands, and then cut to the desired particle length by means of knives. The diameter of our...

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