Pelvic stabilization belt

Designed for immobilization and stabilization of pelvic bones


Advantages: - Compact, durable, easy-to-use. - X-ray transparent. The pelvic stabilization belt is a structure consisting of a base, a belt and a loop for pulling. The base is made of natural cotton material and neoprene. The belt and loop are made of ropes. There is a color scale on the belt, which allows you to control the amount of tightening of the belt when applying it. The belt loop is designed for the force stop when fixing the patient. The final fixation is made in the form of a Velcro fastener . The belt is available in three sizes and varies in the length of the circumference of the pelvis: - large: 102-150cm; - medium: 82-128cm; - small: 62-98cm. At the request of the customer, the immobilization belt can be equipped with leg and arm retainers. Also, retainers can be purchased separately.

Medical Equipment
  • first-aid and infirmary equipment
  • Pelvic bandage
  • Articles for the evacuation of injured people

Product features

Total length, mm 1700
The length of the base, mm 1000
Width, mm 200
Weight, kg, no more than 0.4

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