Penelope Luxe


749.00$ HT


The set you've always dreamed of! There is everything you need for comfortable professional work. The complete set includes not only a super soft mannequin for creating lingerie and corsets but also additional accessories to help you with work. The marking tape will be useful to outline the contours of the future product and mark the necessary construction lines on the mannequin. The set also includes a tailor's apron and magnetic bracelet to hold all the necessary tools and pins while working. Made of elastic polymer material. You can easily pierce it with full length pins; Resistant to iron and garment steamer. You can iron and steam your clothes directly on the dress form, which is not possible with traditional plastic mannequins or papiermâché; Compressible. 3 times softer than a usual mannequin. Waist can be squeezed up to 15 cm Dense jersey cover; Easy to put on and take off for washing; Incredible tactile sensations

Fashion design
  • Dense Jersey
  • Creating Lingerie
  • Plastic Mannequins

Product features

Anatomy accuracy Collarbones, Pronounced shoulder blades

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