Penfluridol (Semap, Micefal, Longoperidol) drug


Penfluridol (Semap, Micefal, Longoperidol) is a far-famed antipsychotic drug that possess typical neuroleptic and antidepressant properties and reduces catalepsy, blocked conditioned behavioural responses, inhibites conditioned food retake and antagonized amphetamine induced chewing and agitation. Penfluridol inhibits conditioned behavioural responses and antagonized apomorphine-induced emesis. Penfluridol is a useful drug when excessive psychomotor agitation is not one of the target symptoms. Penfluridol is a very potent neuroleptic by oral route. The lowest effective doses in ranges from 0.16 to 0.63 mg/kg and is 8 to 16 times lower than the lowest effective doses of chlorpromazine. Penfluridol is approximately as potent as haloperidol and pimozlde. EDso min m the antiapomorphine test was 0.023 mg/kg by oral route, the EDso min for haloperidol m the same test was 0.027 mg/kg and for pimozlde 0.018 mg/kg.

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