Perfect filling of cosmetics

Emptying, dosing and filling systems for the cosmetics sector


ViscoTec is a specialist in the production of emptying, dosing and filling systems for the food and cosmetics sector. ViscoTec systems are especially suitable for highly viscous and therefore more complex cosmetic products. Liquids and pastes, e.g. mascara or vaseline, are first gently removed from barrels with ViscoTec barrel emptying. They are then fed to the dosing and filling pumps and filled with high precision. With the help of an adjustable retraction of the pump systems, this process takes place absolutely cleanly and without dripping or pulling threads. The simple handling combined with hygienic design results in perfect emptying and dosing results. Barrels can be emptied almost completely (remaining quantity in the barrel less than 1%). Fillings can be repeated and are convincing with deviations of less than 1%.

Dosing - machines and equipment
  • dosing system
  • emtying system
  • filling system for viscose liquids

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