Perforated Fiberglass Insulation

Laminated Foil


Aluminum foil composite glass fiber cloth is formed by bonding resilient fibers and thermosetting resin to form a lightweight and soft glass wool felt. We can provide factory-applied aluminum foil moisture-proof layer according to project design or customer requirements. Aluminum foil composite fiberglass cloth is used in any roof system with supporting metal or fiber coating to control the constant temperature in the building and reduce energy loss. Blankets can also be used as additional insulation materials to fill the voids in the walls and roofs of metal buildings. Aluminum foil composite fiberglass cloth has advanced composite technology.

Glass fibre and wool
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • glass fiber cloth
  • insulation materials

Product features

Appliction attic, floors, basements, crawlspaces, roofing applications
Dimensions Customized products according to customer requirements
Thickness 0.05-0.22mm
Fireproof Class 1 / Class A Fire Rating
Structure Pure Aluminum Foil / Silver MPET Metallised Foil
Feature Radiant Barrier
Color Silver Foil

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