Perforated metal sheets manufactured from stainless steel are corrosion and acid resistant Stainless steel perforated plates are characterized by their corrosion and acid resistance. Therefore, this alloy is also referred to as stainless steel. The material is also very tough and malleable. It is therefore not surprising that stainless steel is widely used in industry, in the home or even in medical devices. The longevity of the perforated sheets made of stainless steel makes a versatile use possible. Perforated metal sheets made from stainless steel are decorative Have you tried it? Perforated sheets made of stainless steel as a decorative element! Due to direct and indirect incident light perforated sheets made of stainless steel or other metals are almost transparent and are very decorative. This is one reason why perforated sheet metal made of aluminum, stainless steel or steel is often used in interior and exterior architecture, but also in the arts and crafts.


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