Penetration of punches mounted on stars.  Assembly for empty and full bottles of all sizes.  Perforator delivered with wheeled recovery bin.  Patented model. The perforators of plastic bottles make it possible to pierce between 5000 and 20000 bottles / hour to recover the liquids and to facilitate the compaction. In fixed or mobile version, in continuous or discontinuous supply, they can adapt to all types of automatic balers (Faes, Paal, Comdec, Dicom, ...), whatever the feeds of the hopper.

Compactors and crushers
  • bottle puncher
  • can perforator

Product features

perforation width 600 mm
Engine power 3-4 kW
Loading opening 1200mm X 710mm (or customized)
congestion 2500mm x 1500mm x 2100mm
Capacity 5000 to 20000 bottles or cans / h


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