Permanent lifting magnet - DPM series

Reliable hold for flat and round material


Our permanent magnets are universal load handling attachments for all magnetisable loads. They can be used at various workplaces – in production and assembly areas or outdoors. They provide safe and reliable operation in all applications. And the following features: -operation independent of the mains -five sizes with load capacities from 125 kg to 2,000 kg -suitable for round and flat material -no residual magnetism -single -handed-operation with lever control with integrated safety feature

  • Magnet
  • Independent of the mains supply
  • Load-lifting magnet

Product features

DPM 150 Load capacity 150 kg
DPM 250 Load capacity 250 kg
DPM 500 Load capacity 500 kg
DPM 1000 Load capacity 1000 kg
DPM 2000 Load capacity 2000 kg

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