Permanent magnet brake - High Torque

Permanent magnet brake High Torque - higher torque at identical size


The High Torque series combines the well-known properties of permanent magnet brakes - Due to a re-design of the magnetic circuit, it features further advantages such as a higher torque at identical size and power consumption, high torque constancy throughout the complete service life and an extended temperature range. The High Torque brake is designed to operate dry. The force generated by a permanent magnetic field is utilised to produce the braking effect. To neutralise the braking action, the magnetic flux of the permanent magnets is cancelled by an alternate electromagnetic field (electromagnetically released system). The zero backlash connection between the armature and flange hub ensures zero backlash transmission of the brake torque to the machine shaft (e.g. motor shaft) and reliable release of the High Torque brake with zero residual torque. Thanks to these features, High Torque brakes are ideal for servo motor applications.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories
  • permanent magnet brake
  • electromagnetic brake
  • servo brake

Product features

Rated Torques 0.4 - 300 Nm
Standard rated voltages 24 V DC
Protection IP 00
Thermal class F

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